Families we need your help!!
We have all been impacted in some  way by COVID-19 and whether you are still receiving face to face  services or have had an interruption at this time we need to have the  option for telehealth for families who need it. Our goal is to continue  to provide medically necessary services through the safest modality  possible which most likely means at least a partial telehealth model for  our families for some time. Even if you do not believe you would benefit  from these services (we will be posting more on how EVERY family can  benefit from telehealth) PLEASE follow these steps to help other  families who are in desperate need of services. This will also allow our  team who cannot be in the field the ability to continue to provide for  our clients and their own families.

Reach out to dha.acd@mail.mil if you are a parent who because of the  pandemic, are unable to continue receiving face to face ABA therapy or  are looking to adopt a partial telehealth service delivery model.
If they tell you they are monitoring the situation and will keep you  updated if anything changes, and the waiting is a threat to the  continuity of care please consider reaching out to your state Senator  and Congressmen immediately. Request their assistance in accessing DHA  to allow telelhealth to be covered for ABA services, and for a  modification of certification requirements for RBTs and BLS.

Find out your points of contact by going to this link: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials